Sunday, December 1, 2013

Musical Experience: Embraceable You

In a recent blog, I mentioned being ashamed that I haven't done a lot musically with my child. I mean we've had lots of experiences with music, but I haven't spent as much time with her as I have with my students. Even when some of my students were the same age, I should have been bringing those music lessons home, but often I did not.

My daughter has been showing interests in playing drums. She's been trying the set at church every Sunday. We went to a music store Friday, and she sat down, and I had to walk away so that others wouldn't see the tears. The guy helping us said that she wouldn't have any problems learning. I was trying to show her the little basic eighth notes on high hat/ kick on one and three/ snare on two and four pattern. She was getting it. We're thinking about getting her a drum set, but I'm thinking electronic for sanity purposes.

While I haven't done a lot of formal musical training with her, my daughter and I have shared many musical moments, mostly in the form of singing with each other. Over the years there has always been a song that just sort of epitomized our relationship. While she was still in the womb and beyond, I sang a little made-up ditty, "Lyla, Mama Loves You." Then, her dad started singing "You Are My Sunshine," and for some reason it stuck with us. We sang it to each other. Next some of the members of Afro Blue made up a song that I doubt anyone remembers, but it stuck with me. It was called "Lyla Rose, You're My Favorite Rose." And lastly, there's this song that just kinda hit recently. It's a Gershwin tune that I was singing around Lyla and somehow it just started a love fest of hugging and kissing between us. This song always makes us smile." Check out our little version of "Embraceable You" below.