Monday, August 24, 2015

Formal Cyber Introductions

I've been away for almost a year. What's been the hold up? Well, she's here!!! Not that she has been the actual hold up, but I've been trying my best to lay low and keep cool- to stay in bed and relax. It's been a journey- one that has not at all been easy.

The precious few of you (one day I won't be able to say that) that read this blog, probably already know that I got pregnant right as the school year was starting. I actually found out about the pregnancy the weekend before our first year of exclusive homeschooling was to start. My pregnancy was a series of trying to overcome doubts and frustrations and was considered high risk because of my age. Amongst other things, the pregnancy seemed to be plagued by a general unhappiness in my home (I'm good now), blood pressure issues, and the losing of my father in the fifth month.

Amidst it all, I can proudly announce that she's here. SHE IS HERE!!! Her name is Willow, and she has brought so much joy with her.

Actually she's been here for a while and is four months old. As for her personality, she seems a little feisty. The very first night her cry was more like a fuss than a cry- like she was telling me off. She still does that, too. She's strong and started rolling over at 3 months. She's scooting, and I think she'll be crawling somewhere in her fifth month. She seems to be a happy baby who likes lots of face and arm time. She's easygoing, fun, but seems a little more serious than her older sister. Though it's her fourth month, we are still dealing with cradle cap and infant acne. She was born at 7 lbs 12 oz. and weighs about 14 lbs now.

This has been a formal cyber introduction. Please welcome Willow. I'm sure she'll make plenty of appearances here.