Monday, October 7, 2013

Bad Mommy -- n. music teacher who hasn't taught her daughter music

I ran into these vids of me teaching a music lesson to my daughter and her friend. This was over a year ago, just before she began kindergarten. Her friend was going to the first grade. The ironic thing about it is I've been a music teacher in a public school. My preschoolers could do amazing things, but I never really did the lessons with my daughter. While we've shared lots of cool musical experiences, I really haven't had any formal lessons with her, except for the one below. The funny thing is she remembers it. She can still clap her quarter notes. We're going to do more. I have to remind myself that the goal is to raise a well-rounded kid, not just an academic.

Rhythm sticks are inexpensive and nice to have around. The make shift ones in the video were leftover dowels from a woodworking project. They were a little long. Over the years we've made a few instruments. Egg shakers are so easy. Electrical tape over a picture frame could make a nice hand drum. Also electrical tape atop of the widest pvc pipes of various legnths can make great bongos.

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