Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Run-In With GA's Vaccination Policies/ What We're Reading

This morning we've gotten off to a good start. We really didn't have to rush. My Lyla was all smiles, and we even had time to practice addition while waiting on the bus to take her to school. We are developing her mental math skills and currently working on adding double digits. She's coming along very well, but we can definitely use the practice for speed. I've learned from my years teaching in schools how amazing young students are. I'm amazed at how children are able to retain things. Things that I might have said once to my child are stored in her brain for later use.

As an example, when Lyla was 3 or maybe 4 she had trouble telling the difference between b and d. I simply showed her Bb and Dd and said that Dd's talk and Bb's walk. .Just the other day she wrote one of the letters backward, then she erased and I heard her say that same saying. I had to ask her from where did she get it, and she said that she got it from me a long time ago. Lesson learned. Children remember, so teach well.

Yesterday, my DD had to get a shot for school. I hate the idea of forced inoculations. My husband and I disagree about this one. He goes with the conventional way of thinking. I, on the other hand, am not here for putting those foreign substances inside of my child. I myself have never had a vaccination due to religious exemption. I really wished I had done the same for my child. Every time,except for the first one, I have felt like I, in some way, have let my child down by allowing them to put that stuff into her body.

Yesterday, I went to the health department (hadn't figured out how our insurance is accepted in GA, yet) to get an ear, eye, and dental screening. Then I am bombarded with the news that my child needs another Hep B shot. You know, the shot that she already had at 5 months old? Yeah, that one. It just so happens that in the state of GA, you have to get it after you've turned 6 months. When this very polite lady told me that, I couldn't help but sighing, "I officially hate the state of Georgia."

Is the vaccine given at five months ineffective? Is it only that way in the state of GA? Why does she even need a Hep B shot? I understand when you're a baby and can get it from your mother, but now? at six? It's basically transmitted the same way that HIV is. It isn't at all necessary in my view. I almost cried because here I am doing this to my daughter again.

Now do I really hate the state of GA? Probably not, but it does make me feel like there should be some consistency among states about what is excepted and what is not. I could link to lots of articles against vaccinations, but I will link to a rather mild one about over vaccinating.

This is probably where homeschooling would have come in handy. THE STRUGGLE within is real. One day I'll explain why I chose not to homeschool exclusively, but today I won't bore you with the details. Instead I'll leave you with some of the chapter books we've either read or will read soon enough.

Book/ Series Info Our Views

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel

Rich: A Dyamonde Daniel Story

4 Books in Series

Make Way For Dyamonde Daniel
Author: Nikki Grimes
Grade level Equivalent: 3.7
Lexile Measure: 620L

Dyamonde Daniel may be new in town, but that doesn't stop her from making a place for herself. With her can-do attitude and awesome brain power, she takes the whole neighborhood by storm.

Rich: A Dyamonde Daniel Story
Grade level Equivalent: 3.5

In this fantastic follow-up to Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel, Nikki Grimes tackles big issues like homelessness in a sensitive, kid-friendly way. Dymonde’s can-do attitude and lively spirit will endear her to readers.

Single parentdom seems to be trending in lots of these popular books by AA authors. I guess that it's a part of our communities, but it would be nice to show a two parent home with one of the characters. Also trending would be the snazzy attitudes these characters display. To this I can relate; however, because my daughter is such a young reader, I guard reading time carefully.

Dyamonde Daniel is a delightful character, full of stregnth. My daughter related well to her, being that she is the new girl at school this year. These were entertaining reads for my DD.

Nikki & Deja

Nikki & Deja: Birthday Blues

6 Books in Series

Nikki & Deja
Author: Karen English
Grade Level Equivalent: 3.9
Lexile: 670L

When an arrogant new girl comes to school, third-graders and best friends Nikki and Deja decide to form a club that would exclude her but find the results not what they expected.

Nikki & Deja: Birthday Blues
Author: Karen English
Grade Level Equivalent: 4.3
Lexile: 700L

As her eighth birthday approaches, Deja's biggest concern is whether her father will attend her party, until her aunt is called away on business and a classmate schedules a "just because party" on the same afternoon.


This series of books is highly rated on If I'm not mistaken, Karen English is an educator. This made me excited to get one of the books for my DD.

We got the Birthday Blues book from the library and after reading a chapter, we decided to come back to it later. With this particular series I felt it best to read the series in order. It could also be that this book is a little harder than the others.

We're going to start the Ruby and Sassy series books first.

Brand New School, Brave New Ruby

Four Books in Series

Brand New School, Brave New Ruby
Authour: Derrick Barnes
Grade Level Equivalent: 4.3
Lexile Measure®:700L

When Ruby Booker starts third grade at Hope Road Academy, the same school her three illustrious older brothers attend, she tries hard to make an impression of her own.


This has the potential to be my fav. The main character Ruby has three brothers, and guess what? She has two parents in her home. I love one of the scenes where her father is the one making them breakfast. My daughter adores Ruby. We are halfway finished with book 1 of a 4 book series.

Later I'll add Sugar Plum Ballerinas, Danitra Brown, and Sassy series to the mix.

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