Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scratch Love

I wanted to add some sort of computer science component to my DD's homeschool time. After searching the internet, I decided to let Lyla learn Scratch. Scratch won't necessarily teach Lyla to program, but the idea is that it will teach her to think like a programmer. Scratch will allow her to put code together like lego blocks. The program can be used online or off with a download. Lyla loves it, and it's super easy to start. I have some programming experience, so it's been easy for me to figure things out, but we've decided to use the free curriculum guide. Click for Scratch Curriculum Guide. To learn more about this MIT project visit it's homepage

Here's our first project. The title of the project is "About Me." You can search the site to see other examples. I think hers is one of the best, but to be fair she had help from her mommy. I'm most proud of the fish. It took some ingenuity to do the tank and to get it to move back and forth in that confined space. To see the animation, first press the green play flag. Then press the fish, the sign, and the ball to get those parts of the animation going. Proud mamma...

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