Friday, January 24, 2014

Drum Lessons from a Non-Drumma Momma

I've been trying to change my focus so that my "school" times with my daughter aren't all about academics. It is extremely important to me that she has lots of different kinds of experiences. We've added a few different extra curricular activities. Maybe one or two too many, but this is one I am extremely proud of because these ideas are totally Lyla-led.

Lyla had been saying that her instrument of choice would be the drums. We've bought and made tons and tons of percussion instruments at home, but I was sold on getting her a drum set on a visit to the music store. Fast forward a month later, and she gets an electronic drum set for Christmas. We chose the electric kit just for our own sanity. Later on, if we see that it's something that she's serious about, we may look into an acoustic set.

Until recently, she's been kinda free styling. She will eventually take lessons when we move into our permanent home, but until then I've decided to teach her what I've seen and experienced before. I decided that the first thing she should learn would be the regular "boom cat" pattern (bass drum on 1 & 3 along with snare on 2 & 4). I've gotten some pointers from a youtube channel thislisa

First, we did the exercises on our laps, but here is the actual drumming experience below:

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